High-Profile Civil Litigation

Stone Hilton is fully equipped to handle the biggest and most important civil suits. From business torts to labor and employment, and from commercial disputes to class actions, our lawyers have vast experience litigating bet-the-company cases, both for the State of Texas and in private practice. We are ready to navigate the most difficult issues on your behalf, no matter what’s at stake.

Our deeply experienced, fire-tested trial team is ready to see your case through verdict and beyond. Although we will negotiate aggressively and engage every litigation tool for a positive pre-trial resolution, Stone Hilton's lawyers will tenaciously and meticulously prepare a trial strategy designed with the end—an unassailable winning verdict—in mind. We have tried and won cases in state court, and in federal courts across Texas and the nation. Our track record for success speaks for itself.

Stone Hilton's civil litigation practice is broad, and our diverse professional histories have privileged us with wide-ranging competencies. Our attorneys have practiced in class actions, labor and employment, executive employment issues such as Sarbanes-Oxley protections, real estate, contractual and partnership disputes, complex marital estates and trusts, first- and third-party insurance suits, enforcement of arbitration, non-compete and non-solicit litigation, mass torts, business torts, intellectual property, oil and gas disputes, fraud and related issues, professional liability, and more.

We are prepared to seek restraining orders and temporary injunctions, seek and resist discovery, win cases on dispositive motions practice, take and defend depositions, litigate jury instructions, and zealously engage in all phases of case management, negotiation, mediation, and trial. As in all things, Stone Hilton will pursue your case with an analytical eye and a strategic plan. Our creativity and energy for justice combine as a powerful force for you, no matter the opponent. Whatever remedies you are entitled to or whatever accusations have been leveled, Stone Hilton will help you seek justice.

When called upon, we will fight with every resource for your rights, whether in defense or in prosecution of high-stakes civil actions. In any courtroom and against any foe, we will muster our team to guard your success.

Texas is blessed with a number of very fine civil trial lawyers who serve their clients well. Civil trial lawyers in Texas are blessed with high quality dockets, many solely within the arena of private interests and many at the intersection of government and private interests. High profile cases are a subset of cases that involve issues of interest not only to the litigants but to the public as well. The fight often extends beyond the courtroom and requires skills beyond routine lawyering. While many lawyers are daunted by high profile cases, Stone Hilton and its seasoned lawyers thrive on them.

— Tom Albright