Why Us
about us

At Stone Hilton, we stand apart in the Texas legal landscape. We are an Austin litigation boutique shaped by public service, driven by a commitment to excellence, and defined by our bold advocacy. Our firm is built on a foundation of unparalleled legal acumen, brought forth by the distinguished leadership of partners Judd Stone, Chris Hilton, and Ari Cuenin, each known for their tenacity, strategic insight, and dedication to their clients' success.

Our experience in Supreme Court and appellate practice, prowess in crisis management, and knowledge of government disputes and high-stakes civil litigation make us the firm of choice for clients facing serious legal challenges in Texas, Washington, D.C., and beyond. We pride ourselves on a personalized approach, ensuring that every client receives the full weight of our collective experience and resources.

Your choice of legal representation sends a message. At Stone Hilton, we don’t just represent our clients; we champion their causes as if they were our own, navigating the complexities of the law with an aggressive, hands-on approach designed to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our team's record speaks for itself, with a history of significant legal victories and client successes that highlight our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our practice.

Why choose us? Because we combine the credentials found at large firms, the personalized attention and agility of a boutique practice, and a proven record in Texas’s biggest fights, all while fostering an environment where clients' needs are met with the highest standard of dedication and discretion.

How We Work

Personalized Strategy & Aggressive Advocacy

Every case begins with a comprehensive assessment where we candidly evaluate the legal, regulatory, or government-relations issues facing you. We then craft a personalized legal strategy that leverages our extensive experience, ensuring that we are always advancing your best interests.

When it comes to representing our clients, we are tenacious. Whether negotiating a settlement or arguing a case in court, our goal is to secure the best possible outcome. We prepare meticulously, advocate forcefully, and represent your interests with unwavering determination.

Collaborative Team Effort & Professional Integrity

Our team is our greatest strength. Collaborating closely, our attorneys bring their collective experience to bear on every case. This integrated approach allows us to address complex legal issues from multiple angles.

We uphold the highest standards of legal and ethical integrity. Our clients trust us not only for our acumen and discretion, but also for our commitment to doing what’s right. We navigate legal complexities with uncompromising professionalism.

Client Empowerment & Transparent Communication

Beyond achieving legal victories, our aim is to empower our clients. We provide the knowledge and resources you need to make informed decisions about your case, ensuring that you can operate confidently in your legal or regulatory environment.

Clear, open communication forms the backbone of our client relationships. We keep you informed at every stage of the legal process, and we are available to our clients around the clock for their pressing legal needs. Understanding the importance of trust, we treat your business like our own and forge a partnership with our clients.

Ready to Take a Stand?

Choose the firm where Texas grit meets legal excellence. Stone Hilton is ready to fight for you. Contact us now and secure a partnership defined by dedication and daring.

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