Crisis Management & Investigations Counsel

Decades of experience managing government investigations, civil investigative demands, and other legally and reputationally sensitive matters have given our lawyers the expertise you may need to respond to a crisis or pending investigation. Our lawyers have helped advance judicial nominees through the United States Senate Judiciary Committee and to confirmation, initiated and defended against high-stakes governmental investigations, and successfully defended against the impeachment of the Attorney General in a trial in the Texas Senate.

We have extensive knowledge of federal and state civil investigative demand procedure, and we have represented clients accused of violations of the federal False Claims Act and other laws governing your relationship to government programs and oversight bodies. Our lawyers have been regularly called upon to shape not only litigation strategy, but image management and public relations. We have helped manage one of the nation's most active and aggressive justice agencies, and we do not shy away from a fight.

Stone Hilton is also equipped to defend your name and reputation outside the investigative context. If you or your business have been defamed, sanctioned, or accused of wrongdoing, we can help restore the image of integrity and good faith that you worked so hard to build, whether within your industry, with the government, or in the eyes of the public at large. We leverage our experience in litigation, politics, and media to make sure that your side of the story is told.

“When your reputation is at issue, the battle must be waged on all fronts: in the courtroom, in the government, and in the public eye. We develop cohesive, integrated strategies that make sure your story gets told while vindicating your legal rights. We have experience mobilizing our legal team and a network of professionals to go to work for you the minute you, your business, and your reputation are under attack.”
–Chris Hilton

“Without experienced counsel to pilot the ship, many individuals and businesses may find themselves adrift and vulnerable to government overreach and abuse. Here at Stone Hilton, we appreciate the strife that this specter brings to a family or company. Our track record, network, and client trust speak for themselves. Your reputation and peace of mind are our priority.”
–Ari Cuenin

When you are ready to take a stand, our lawyers will zealously defend your integrity to the highest levels. With compassion and care for your wellbeing, we can guide you through resolution and back to the life and business you care about.

“Effective lawyering in a crisis requires more than just the strong legal analysis and sound strategy that many highly competent lawyers can provide. It also requires immediate, decisive action, first with powerful written work product followed by aggressive scheduling and advocacy. Chris and I teamed together on many cases for the State, especially during the pandemic, when injunctions and TROs were coming into the Division on a daily basis. From among hundreds of lawyers in the OAG, Chris quickly emerged as the single most effective “go to” lawyer to protect the State’s interests in emergencies. He leaves courts amazed and impressed. He leaves opponents stunned. Having enjoyed the privilege of litigating with many of the finest lawyers in the State, I can say with confidence that Chris Hilton stands out as the most effective lawyer a client in crisis can choose.”

— Tom Albright