Supreme Court & Appellate Practice

Our lawyers have extensive experience litigating in the highest courts and representing clients whose issues of law require vigorous advocacy, careful strategy, and procedural nuance.

Judd Stone, former Solicitor General of Texas, and Ari Cuenin, former Deputy Solicitor General of Texas, are experienced advocates before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and the Supreme Court of Texas. Our appellate team has deep experience tackling the most complex issues from before litigation begins through merits arguments at the Supreme Court and at every intermediate stage. We bring a unique set of skills to the table, and our polished, analytical approach wins cases. And when time is of the essence, we will mobilize those skills in seeking emergency relief, whether through federal or state courts.

“The members of our team who have come from the Solicitor General's office include Judd’s trusted colleagues, who have the experience not just to support Judd but to effectively argue matters in appellate courts across Texas. We are proud to have brought such seasoned appellate advocates together to serve our clients.”
– Chris Hilton

Original proceedings like writs of mandamus can be daunting—many attempts at emergency litigation fail for lack of procedural and legal know-how. Such issues, which usually involve urgent efforts to prevent immediate harm or force government action, must be handled with care. Stone Hilton also has a preeminent amicus curiae practice, and we can represent your views, interests, insights, and positions in courts that are considering issues important to you. Whether you have an adverse final judgment you would like to challenge, an interlocutory issue ripe for consideration, or need litigators who know the subtleties of original proceedings, our team can handle any appeal or other matter you bring to our door.

“It is my great pleasure and passion to bring to bear my own skills and experience—as well as those of the entire Stone Hilton team—for our clients. Having worked in civil service at both the federal and state level, I have known many bright legal minds. Through those connections, we have been able to call upon elite practitioners to join us, and we have extensive outside resources to muster for your case. Let us show you why Stone Hilton is the right choice for your most important litigation.”

— Ari Cuenin