Government Disputes & Government Relations

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience representing the State of Texas and its agencies and employees. We know what it takes to rebuff government overreach and fight back against the administrative state. Not only can we help ensure your and your company’s success in such matters, but we strive to do so quietly and professionally. Additionally, from our experiences in Washington and Austin, we know how to litigate against the federal government, the State, counties, municipalities, and all manner of political subdivisions. You can stand up to the government with Stone Hilton on your side.

We have both sued and defended agencies in regulatory matters, and we are deeply knowledgeable in both federal and state administrative procedure and practice. Nobody wants to find themselves in the crosshairs of a federal oversight entity or the United States Attorney's Office, and having experienced counsel can make all the difference. We have built our careers in these fights, protecting our clients' interests, reputations, and financial integrity. If you have been harmed by a governmental actor, Stone Hilton is the choice for you.

Our deep knowledge of civil rights and constitutional law and our experience litigating governmental immunities come together to serve you. Local governments and officials can be difficult opponents, and without the necessary acumen many lawyers and parties get lost in the legalities. When you want to challenge actions by any level of government, from the federal government to local and municipal actors to school boards, Stone Hilton is the right team to help you.

When the government comes knocking on your door, knock on ours. We will take a stand for your rights and send a message to stop government abuse.

“As former civil servants, law clerks, and capitol employees, our team knows where to point its arsenal and when to fire. I am proud to be part of a team with such skill in governmental immunities, administrative law, and civil rights. The Stone Hilton team is exceptional when it comes to litigating government disputes in Texas and beyond.”

— Ari Cuenin