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Distinguished by his experience in litigating complex government disputes, Ari is an invaluable member of the Stone Hilton team. Ari has presented over 30 arguments in state and federal courts. His proficiency in presenting compelling arguments in trial and appellate courts, including the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the Texas Supreme Court, and the Western District of Texas, has solidified his reputation as a legal tactician of the highest caliber.

Ari Cuenin's notable contributions to complex government litigation are evidenced by his involvement in over a dozen U.S. Supreme Court cases for the State of Texas, numerous high-profile emergency appeals, and matters for many more public officials and institutions across Texas. His experience across various courts has equipped him with the skills to handle high-stakes cases with precision and strategic insight.

strategic perspective for an analytical approach

Before joining Stone Hilton, Ari represented Texas in its most significant litigation as Deputy Solicitor General in the Texas Attorney General’s Office, offering him a unique perspective on state government and the intricacies of Texas politics. Earlier in his career, Ari was an associate in the trial department of a major international law firm, where his work spanned a variety of professional-liability and business disputes, demonstrating his versatility, commitment to justice, and ability to navigate complex legal challenges successfully.

Ari's education, including a J.D. summa cum laude from Duke University School of Law and a B.S. cum laude from Cornell University, has provided a strong foundation for his legal practice. His academic success led Ari to two federal clerkships, first on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, then in the federal district court in Houston.

In Austin, where he resides with his family, Ari is not only a dedicated attorney but also an active member of his community. His legal acumen, combined with his commitment to his clients and community, makes Ari Cuenin a standout partner at Stone Hilton, ready to tackle the most daunting legal challenges swiftly and confidently.

Representative Matters
  • Texas v. DHS (5th Cir. No. 23-50869):
    Represented Texas in obtaining an emergency injunction pending appeal, demonstrating his adeptness in defending the State's border security measures.

  • United States v. Abbott (5th Cir. No. 23-50632):
    Secured an emergency administrative stay on behalf of Governor Greg Abbott, showcasing his capability to navigate urgent federal-state disputes effectively.

  • 9000 Airport v. Hegar (5th Cir. No. 23-20568):
    Achieved an emergency stay pending appeal in a First and Fourth Amendment challenge, underlining his commitment to protecting the rule of law.

  • Campaign Legal Center v. Scott (5th Cit. No. 22-50692):
    Played a key role in vindicating the Texas Secretary of State in an emergency appeal of an injunction requiring the disclosure of sensitive voter information, ensuring election integrity.

  • Hegar v. Health Care Service Corp. (Tex. No. 21-0080):
    Argued the successful Texas Supreme Court appeal that preserved the State's ability to collect millions in health-insurance premium tax revenue, highlighting his experience in statutory interpretation.

  • TDCJ v. Levin (Tex. No. 17-0552):
    Led to a unanimous reversal of a ruling that would have compelled the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to disclose the sourcing of lethal-injection drugs, emphasizing his dedication to public and justice for crime victims.

  • United States v. Texas (S. Ct. No. 15-674):
    Contributed to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court argument where Texas successfully challenged DAPA, marking a significant victory in immigration law and state sovereignty.

Professional Memberships
  • Federal Bar Association
  • Austin Bar Association
  • The Federalist Society