partnerJudd E. Stone II

A founding partner of Stone Hilton, Judd is well respected both in Texas and across the nation as an insightful and tenacious appellate litigator. A lifelong Texan, Judd has argued dozens of appeals in both federal and state court, including arguing eight cases before the United States Supreme Court.

appellate expert and policy counselor

Judd began his legal career clerking for United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Fifth Circuit Chief Judge Edith H. Jones. With a J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law where he graduated first in his class, Judd's academic and professional credentials place him among the most distinguished lawyers in the profession.

At the helm of countless major legal battles and emergency appeals for the State of Texas, Judd's deep understanding of the law and persuasive advocacy have been instrumental in shaping legal precedents. His tenure as the Solicitor General of Texas is a testament to his expertise and the trust placed in him by high-ranking state officials.

Judd's strategic prowess extends beyond the courtroom; his advisory roles have made him a respected figure among policymakers. His contributions to Stone Hilton and the legal community are characterized by his meticulous approach to cases, his acumen as a counselor, and his unwavering commitment to justice. As a partner at Stone Hilton, Judd continues to apply his formidable talents to advocate for his clients with the utmost dedication and to uphold the pillars of integrity and excellence that the firm stands for.

Representative Matters
  • In re Attorney General Ken Paxton (Senate Court of Impeachment):
    A testament to Judd's litigation skills in one of the most politically significant trials in recent Texas history, resulting in a successful defense.

  • Texas v. Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (Tex. No. 21-0130):
    Successfully overturned a lower court’s judgment, preserving Texas’s jurisdiction in environmental enforcement.

  • Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson (Sup. Ct. No. 21-463):
    An intricate defense of state legislation before the U.S. Supreme Court that showcased Judd's acumen in high-stakes emergency appeals.

  • Daves v. Dallas County (5th Cir., en banc No. 18-11368):
    A pivotal case involving constitutional challenges to bail practices, where Judd's defense upheld the integrity of Texas’s judicial system.

  • In re Facebook (Tex. No. 20-0434):
    As amicus curiae, Judd argued against the dismissal of claims regarding online child trafficking, emphasizing the platform's responsibility for user safety.

  • Haaland v. Brackeen (Sup. Ct. No. 21-376):
    A crucial case for Texas, defending state policies against claims of racial discrimination and upholding the state's stance on adoption procedures.

  • Texas Democratic Party v. Hughes (5th Cir. 20-50667):
    Reversing an injunction against Texas voting laws, reinforcing the state’s legislative processes and election integrity.

  • Texas v. Brooks-LaSure (E.D. Tex. No. 6:23-cv-161-JDK):
    Judd's strategic legal approach secured an injunction that maintained vital federal funding for the state’s healthcare services.

  • Texas v. United States (5th Cir. 24-50149):
    Defending the state's position against federal immigration policies, demonstrating Judd's commitment to fighting for state sovereignty.

Professional Memberships
  • The Federalist Society