partnerChristopher D. Hilton

A founding partner of Stone Hilton, Chris has impacted Texas’ legal landscape with his aggressive and robust advocacy. His career is marked by a series of successful cases, groundbreaking arguments, and fast-paced trials and emergency proceedings that span federal and state courts throughout Texas. His reputation as a distinguished litigator is built not only on his victories in the courtroom but also on his strategic foresight, political acumen, and media savvy.

trial experience for winning verdicts

With an extensive background that includes a federal district court clerkship, experience at a premier international law firm, and leading a division of nearly 70 attorneys and staff at the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Chris has honed an exceptional skill set in civil litigation, government relations, and crisis management. His adeptness at navigating legal complexities, combined with a hands-on approach to the cases he handles, has secured significant legal triumphs and resulted hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients and Texas taxpayers.

Chris's legal journey has been one of not only representing high-profile clients but also of fighting for the State against federal overreach, showcasing his dedication to justice and ordered liberty. His clients trust him with matters that pose existential threats, and he believes every case is a battle and every client deserves an advocate who will fight relentlessly on its behalf.

As a summa cum laude graduate of Tulane University Law School, Chris brings the same pursuit of excellence to Stone Hilton, ensuring that each client benefits from his sharp analytical abilities and his uncompromising commitment to their cause. At Stone Hilton, Chris Hilton continues to embody the firm's ethos of strength, integrity, and zealous advocacy.

Representative Matters
  • In re Attorney General Ken Paxton (Senate Court of Impeachment):
    Key member of the legal team that defended the Texas Attorney General, highlighting his advocacy in fast-paced, high-profile legal defenses.

  • Texas v. American Tobacco (E.D. Tex. No. 5:96-cv-00091-JRG):
    Negotiated a $195 million settlement, showcasing his negotiation skills and dedication to the public interest.

  • Texas v. Google (Texas state court No. 22-01-00731 & S.D. Tex. No. 4:22-CV-636):
    Achieved an $8 million settlement, demonstrating his strategic litigation abilities in technology and privacy law.

  • In re Texas Opioid Litigation (Texas state court MDL No. 18-0358):
    Contributed to litigation upholding a $1.167 billion settlement, emphasizing his role in massive litigation of public importance.

  • LULAC v. Abbott (W.D. Tex. Nos. 3:21-CV-259-DCG-JES-JVB & 1:21-CV-1038-RP-JES-JVB):
    Litigated and consulted key policymakers in consolidated redistricting litigation, underlining his expertise in electoral law and civil rights.

  • Steward v. Abbott (W.D. Tex. No. 5:10-cv-1025-OLG):
    Defended class-action institutional reform litigation, showcasing his capabilities in complex civil defense.

  • ITG Brands, LLC v. Texas (E.D. Tex. No. 5:19-cv-00048-JRG):
    Successfully defeated claims brought by a tobacco company to enjoin tax collection, highlighting his skill in tax law and regulatory compliance.

  • Abbott v. Biden (E.D. Tex. No. 6:22-cv-00003):
    Lead trial counsel in the successful effort to defeat a Department of Defense vaccine mandate, demonstrating his proficiency in federal-state relations and health law.

  • Doe v. Planned Parenthood (N.D. Tex. No. 2-21-CV-022-Z):
    Lead counsel for a Medicaid fraud lawsuit seeking more than $1 billion in damages, reflecting his dedication to ethical medical practices and state resources protection.

  • Trevino v. Iden (5th Cir. No. 21-51105):
    Argued appeal regarding qualified immunity, further establishing his expertise in appellate advocacy and constitutional law.

Professional Memberships
  • The Federalist Society